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eCommerce Analytics

Why you need data and analytics for your ecommerce business

Research and data analysis are essential factors in determining the success of your ecommerce store. They allow you to gain valuable insights on optimising and maximising both sales and business opportunities.

All marketing campaigns should have a balance of:

  • creativity
  • engagement
  • research

A marketing campaign with a strategy purely focused on creativity without research taken into consideration is essentially meaningless. Without valuable information about your e-business such as:

  • understanding your target audience
  • potential customers
  • consumer behaviour
  • click through rates
  • popular items sold
  • least popular products sold, etc

You won’t be able to reach the correct audience and effectively deliver your message to them.

How Crackling Media can help you

All the hard work put into researching and understanding your ecommerce business will be taken care of by Crackling Media. We gather information regarding your e-business, from mapping out the journey of your customers, to the click through rates of all your website pages. With our considerable knowledge and experience on interpreting data in a meaningful way on Google Analytics, combined with the experience we have on various ecommerce platforms and expertise in eCommerce SEO, our team can tailor content strategies that captivate the right audience.

Case Study

Analysis was undertaken on understanding customer behaviours when they visited the Butter Mafia website and tweaks on the design and layout were put in place based on the findings.

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