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eCommerce FAQ

How are results measured at Crackling Media?

At Crackling Media the results of our online marketing campaigns are measured in various ways.

We start by obtaining an overall picture of your business from a marketing perspective, and capture the progress of our work in a format that compares a list of statistics at the point in time before we have started the marketing campaigns to after the campaigns have been implemented.

Examples of results can be shown in the following categories:

  1. Targeted traffic
  2. Conversions
  3. Overall picture of your monthly sales
  4. Monthly reports that details and summarises increases in visibility, brand awareness and traffic.

What is Crackling Media’s Process of Ecommerce Marketing?

1. Obtaining an overall picture of your ecommerce business from a marketing perspective

We make sure you stand out from your competitors by conducting a detailed research on each of your top competitors, the industry you are operating in, and also evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and areas that can be optimised for more business opportunities.
We also help determine your target audience and research their buying habits.

2. Analyse your ecommerce website conversion rates.

This will help give us an insight on how we can increase the sale opportunities for your business.

3. Develop & Implement Marketing Strategy

Once we have acquired a full understanding of your business and conducted extensive research on your industry, competitors, and potential customers, we develop a marketing strategy. We utilise our extensive experience in marketing and combine the information found from the research of your business to develop a tailored strategy that best suits your business.
We then drive ecommerce marketing campaigns to increase and retain the attention of Google and traffic of new and existing visitors.

4: Deliver Results

Our team of ecommerce experts will monitor the campaign with ongoing efforts from the start till end of each campaign, and deliver a detailed summary to you with the results that we have achieved.

How is SEO an essential component to ecommerce?

With so many online users and online businesses, SEO is a crucial component to marketing, and therefore should be incorporated in all marketing campaigns, whether or not it is related to ecommerce. Acquiring more traffic is one item that needs to be included in your checklist in ensuring your ecommerce website is successful, as it plays a key role in helping new customers locate your e-business store, as well as enhances the credibility of your company, and increase sales.

What ecommerce platforms do you work with?

Crackling Media understands that user experience is important when it comes to driving more traffic to your ecommerce store and helping your e-business stand out from other ecommerce sites. We use the best ecommerce platforms to ensure all visitors and customers have a smooth experience.

Interested in knowing more?

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