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eCommerce Marketing

What is ecommerce marketing?

Ecommerce marketing is an online marketing process that’s used to increase revenue by building brand awareness and acquiring new customers to your online e-business.

There are two essential components that make up ecommerce marketing:

  1. Increasing traffic to your website
  2. Optimising the user experience to increase conversion rates

How Crackling Media can help you

Although the concept of ecommerce may sound quite simple, e-businesses online continue to face a few challenges.

Studies have found that due to more flexibility and less commitment involved with online shopping, 95% of people do not purchase from the first website they visit. In addition to this, 88% of online customers abandon their shopping carts, which leaves many ecommerce businesses at a loss of sale.

Crackling Media can help you tackle these challenges, as we have the expertise and knowledge of understanding the complexities associated with consumer behaviour, the importance of user experience, and knowledge on purchasing channels ecommerce platforms.

Crackling Media’s ecommerce marketing plan can be achieved in the following 4 steps:

1: Research

We obtain an overall picture of your ecommerce business from a marketing perspective. We collect data on your top competitors, your industry, and evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, and areas that can be optimised. We also help to determine your target audience, and research in their buying habits. This helps to identify the best ecommerce solution for your ecommerce business.

2: Analysis

We analyse your website conversion rates to give insights on increasing sale opportunities for your ecommerce business.

3: Online Marketing Strategy

Once we have acquired a full understanding of your e-business and conducted background research, we utilise our knowledge and extensive experience in marketing and our research findings to develop a tailored online marketing strategy that best suits your ecommerce business.

We then drive online marketing campaigns to increase and retain the attention of Google and traffic of new and existing visitors.

4: Deliver Results

Our team of ecommerce experts will monitor the online marketing campaigns with ongoing efforts from the start till the end of each campaign, and deliver a detailed summary of results.

Case Study

By utilising great imagery, information rich text, clearly branded design documents, and the most effective platforms, Crackling Media’s digital marketing strategy and execution allowed Yarra Valley Cherries to cut through the market sector and generate unprecedented sales, with the business selling out of stock for the 2019/2020 season.

eCommerce platforms we work with

Crackling Media understands that user experience is important when it comes to driving more traffic to your ecommerce store and helping your e-business stand out from other ecommerce sites. We use the best ecommerce platforms to ensure all visitors and customers have a smooth experience and want to return. Here are some of the platforms we use:

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