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eCommerce SEO

Ecommerce continues to thrive and excel

The eCommerce industry is here to stay and is increasing now more than ever. The Food and Beverage E-commerce Global Market report has revealed that the global food and beverage ecommerce market this year (2020) is expected to boost to $22.4B. This is due to research showing a dramatic increase on purchasing food and groceries online, as this is the most convenient method for people who are self-quarantining and working from home. The market is also expected to continue to rise to $34.6 billion dollars of revenue by 2023.

What is eCommerce SEO and why is it needed?

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has a strong focus on utilising Google to evaluate search queries that requires additional attention. The idea behind this is to help the products and services of your e-business to appear amongst one of the first pages on Google for the search queries your potential customers may be using.

Living in a digital day and age, SEO plays a crucial role in all aspects of marketing, despite whether or not it is related to online marketing.

Operating an e commerce store without incorporating SEO into your ecommerce marketing strategy would put your hard work and efforts to waste, as  ecommerce SEO is a key tool that could help determine whether or not you will thrive within your industry.

Having no traffic, or minimal traffic to your website would essentially mean that less new customers can find your ecommerce store – putting you at a loss in acquiring new customers and making more sales.

How Crackling Media can help you with ecommerce SEO

Crackling Media has extensive experience in Digital Marketing, ecommerce Marketing, ecommerce platforms, ecommerce website design, and graphic design. Over the years Crackling Media has helped grow all types of businesses from different industries and different sizes – amplifying our industry knowledge and expertise. Each of our strategies is designed with the goal to help you sustain growth, optimise your online business, and leverage your existing strengths.

Case Study

From the business perspective, B2C Furniture needed good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by developing relevant content and keywords, and also be linked to their other systems such as their finance and logistics systems.

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