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Four Ways to Maximise Your Business Instagram Account

As a business owner, you’d be silly to ignore the significant effect that Instagram has on influencing customers. The vastly popular photo editing and sharing app currently has 100 million active users who, between them, upload 40 million photos each day. Can you imagine just how many potential customers you can reach with such a simple (and free) app?

Of course, not all Instagram accounts are equal. There are ones that attract thousands of followers through gorgeous imagery, witty captions and a unique, consistent style. And of course, there are ones that don’t do any of the above. Avoid being in the latter category by following these simple steps to set your account apart:

1. Define your voice.

Adopt a style and personality that suits your target market and offerings. Are you innovative and fun? Classy and sophisticated? Functional and no-nonsense? If you’re stuck, think about what your business does, what makes you offerings so unique and what the brand values.

2. Be consistent.

It’s okay to post the odd cat meme to break up your photos, but make sure they’re consistent with what you and your brand is about. The funny posts should complement your brand message, rather than confuse people.

3. Hashtags, hashtags and #hastags!

Can’t figure out why you’re not getting as many ‘likes’ on your amazing photo of a bowl of pineapples against a backdrop of rustic timber? It’s probably because you didn’t add any hashtags below! Make your photos easier to find; a good start is to hashtag the city you’re in (i.e. #melbourne) so locals can spot you. If you’ve posted a food photo, #food and #foodporn are usually reliable for attracting likes from foodies.

4. Have fun.

Finally, it’s important to let your hair down and have fun. Use Instagram to project your brand’s unique personality as well as engage in conversation with people stopping by. Who knows, you may even make a new customer – or friend!

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