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B2C Furniture: Ecommerce (Retail)


B2C Furniture: Ecommerce (Retail)

B2C Furniture are an Australian owned “business to consumer” furniture company. They sell high quality, modern and elegant solid timber furniture at factory direct prices.

The challenge
Being a business to consumer company, B2C Furniture’s website is their “shop window” and is the first place that potential customers visit. Their website therefore needs to be easy to navigate, quick to load, intuitive, and present the products logically, beautifully, and efficiently for the end customer.
From the business perspective, it needed good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by developing relevant content and keywords and also be linked to their other systems such as their finance and logistics systems.

What we did
An in-depth audit of the existing website was conducted. This helped to identify numerous issues with the site such as search problems, broken links, and poor navigation. In addition, the site was inefficient and slow to load, as well as being cluttered and presenting the products unattractively.
After completing the site review, Crackling Media embarked on an entire site redesign, which included professional photography of B2C Furniture products. The website was developed with two different customers in mind: the end customer making purchases, and also B2C Furniture to easily manage changes on the website and have efficient flow paths for their accounting, inventory management and customer relationship management.

The B2C Furniture site went from being cluttered, slow and unattractive, to a modern and fresh design that presented the furniture in a clean and easy to navigate manner. This vastly improved the customer experience as well as SEO, which allowed potential new customers to find the business. The updated website was better aligned with the B2C Furniture brand and the quality of their products and kept potential buyers more engaged.
From the backend, the direct linkages to their finance and logistics systems allowed for seamless management of customer orders and business forecasting of inventory and profit/loss.

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