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City Larder: Digital Marketing (Wholesale)

City Larder

Food & Beverage Wholesale

City Larder: Digital Marketing (Wholesale)

Digital Marketing for a wholesale business such as City Larder involves utilising strategies to raise brand awareness, showcase brand usage, showcase brand advantages and support distributors and stockists. For City Larder, the two sided strategy involves marketing the advantages to both the end retail customer and the stockists stores. Both have vastly different value propositions and therefore digital marketing strategies and actions.

Crackling Media is responsible for the digital marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, brand development, design (packaging, catalogues etc), advertising, website management, content development, database management and influencer management.

From the end retail customer perspective, social media and content drive consumer awareness and actions. By showcasing how the products are developed and how they can be used, it cements the value propositions of the brand’s offerings and drives customers to take actions. Advertising and digital marketing campaigns such as competitions can also drive further awareness for the end retail customer.

For distributors and stockists, the brand development and design work coupled with database management ensures City Larder can support their channels to drive sales. By offering clear messages and supporting collaterals, the City Larder products can be showcased to their maximum advantage both to the distributors and stockists, but also for them to showcase the products to their end customers. For example, providing high quality photos and leaflets to the distributors and stockists will ensure City Larder products are presented at their best and more information can be provided to the end retail customer.