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Yarra Valley Cherries: Ecommerce (Food Producer)

Yarra Valley Cherries

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Yarra Valley Cherries: Ecommerce (Food Producer)

Yarra Valley Cherries are an Australian owned boutique premium cherry grower, based in the Upper Yarra Valley. With their unique advantage of growing, picking, grading and packing their cherries direct on their orchard, they are able to produce and guarantee the freshest and highest quality cherries available.

The challenge
Yarra Valley Cherries’s primary channel for direct corporate/large sales orders to customers is their website. Wanting to increase their retail and gift box market component, they required a website and marketing refresh.

The existing website was clunky, without ecommerce capabilities. The order process was manual and inconvenient for customers, with orders taken via an order form and payment by direct debit. Delivery and product costs were required to be manually calculated by the customer prior to making payment.

With cherry season only running for a couple of months during the summer, they also required an effective branding and marketing refresh to capture new customers and increase sales.

What we did
Crackling Media is responsible for Yarra Valley Cherries’s digital marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, content development, advertising and ecommerce setup and maintenance.

Website management is crucial for ecommerce and product marketing for Yarra Valley Cherries to ensure users have a seamless experience. The Yarra Valley Cherries website was redesigned, making it destination and lifestyle focused so customers are enticed to buy into the brand and its advantages and therefore purchase their premium cherries. As part of the website design, ecommerce capabilities were also added, allowing for orders and direct payments to be taken. Simplifying the order process greatly improved the customer experience, leading to more sales.

SEO and advertising are crucial to ecommerce and Crackling Media delivered a targeted approach using a mix of content, outreach and clearly defined advertising to different market segments.

The result
The Yarra Valley Cherries website is ranked on page 1 of Google searches for numerous relevant terms and the website continues to drive online sales but also visitation to the farm gate. By utilising great imagery, information rich text, clearly branded design documents, and the most effective platforms, Crackling Media’s digital marketing strategy and execution allowed Yarra Valley Cherries to cut through the market sector and generate unprecedented sales, with the business selling out of stock for the 2019/2020 season.

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