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Grand Italian: Content development, Social media, Website, Advertising, Outreach

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Grand Italian: Content development, Social media, Website, Advertising, Outreach

Grand Italian needed a marketing refresh to promote interest in their pasta range ‘Grand Italian Tuscan Finest’.

Grand Italian are producers of a range of fresh pasta, gnocchi and pasta sauces that are available for purchase in major Australian supermarkets. They launched a new ‘Grand Italian Tuscan Finest’ range of pastas, which were about superior taste, high quality ingredients, and restaurant quality meals that can be enjoyed and prepared at home in minutes.

Grand Italian wanted to market and improve brand awareness of their ‘Grand Italian Tuscan’s Finest’ range, particularly targeting consumers who were looking for a special product and who already purchase luxury/premium brands. There was a desire to create interest in the range, improve brand alignment with customer demographics through the development of targeted content and outline specific advantages, and strengthen and establish marketing channels to drive continued customer engagement and conversions.

The challenge
The existing website and digital assets and for the product range were uninspiring and needed improvement to properly showcase the products and highlight the fact that they were ‘restaurant quality at home’.
Their social media channels were also inconsistent and messy. The feeds were unattractive, with old content that wasn’t aligned with the brand.

What we did
As part of the campaign for the Grand Italian Tuscan’s Finest range, Crackling Media completed the following activities:
• Digital assets development (photos, recipes, outreach document)
• Social media (content, engagement)
• Website improvement (layout, content, SEO, branding)
• Advertising and promotional campaigns (Ads, competitions, collaborations)
• Outreach (influencers, community groups)

More details of these items are as follows:

Photoshoot: Crackling Media planned and executed a photoshoot to capture the range’s products at their best and to align with the customer value propositions, especially restaurant quality at home. The photos shot were used to update the Grand Italian website and also used as content across all marketing channels.

Recipes: Recipes were developed using Grand Italian Tuscan’s Finest products. These recipes were used on the website, developed into printable recipe cards, and promoted across the Grand Italian social media channels. These recipes were included in the photoshoot, with the images helping customers to gain inspiration on using the products.

Outreach documents: Crackling Media created outreach documents to reach different stakeholders.

Social media (content, engagement): Social media and listing sites were cleaned up with updated bios, all information loaded, old content not aligned with the brand removed/hidden and call to actions implemented.

Social media posts were developed to allow new (and existing) users to understand the value propositions of the products and what actions that can be taken. Any feedback/questions were addressed in a timely manner to encourage users to take actions.

Website improvement (content, SEO): The website was restructured to offer a clear presentation of information, a better user experience and to create a more visually appealing channel that captured the value propositions of the brand and products.
SEO measures were implemented to embed keywords on both the front and back end to improve the search likelihood from potential customers.

Advertising and Promotional campaigns (advertising, competitions, collaborations): Ads for social media and Google were developed directing users to the website, directing users to find a local stockist, directing users to follow social media accounts and improving SEO by obtaining keywords presence.
Competitions on Facebook and Instagram were run to create awareness about the brand and products, as well as obtain user actions such as social media account follows and website visits.
A collaboration was organised and run with a dietician to showcase the pasta range. She created a video and shared it across her social media channels. This video was also able to be used on Grand Italian’s website.

Outreach (influencers, community groups): Influencer outreach was conducted to create brand awareness, showcase product advantages, obtain content pieces, and drive user action.
Multiple community groups were contacted, with the competitions used as the angle to drive brand awareness and actions.

The result
The marketing campaign to drive awareness of the new Grand Italian Tuscan Finest range to the primary market demographics was very successful, with over 21,000 actions (the number of people who take an action e.g. visit website, follow social media accounts, comment on social media posts on own channels and via collaborators, comment on community group pages, enter competitions etc) obtained over the course of the campaign.
There was marked improvement in the brand positioning, engagement and positive customer feedback through the use of targeted content and marketing strategies. In addition, a vast content library was created that could be utilised for future marketing.

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