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LaManna: Business Consultation

Food & Beverage Retail

LaManna: Business Consultation

LaManna is an independent, family run, food company that consists of various separate aspects: LaManna Supermarket, LaManna cafe (located within the supermarket), LaManna Patisserie, and The Hungry Fox Café.

The challenge

While the different aspects of the LaManna business operate separately in terms of personnel and offerings, they have large overlaps with their business management, financial control, and inventory/asset management. LaManna needed an overarching brand identity and marketing strategy to tie together the different businesses and to increase their reach of current and potential customers.

What we did

Crackling Media started with a Business Analysis / SWOT of the LaManna businesses that identified key business activities, value proposition, customer relationships, and competitor analysis. After the initial analysis, Crackling Media identified the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the different aspects of the LaManna businesses.

Following from the SWOT, a process analysis was produced that summarised the current work processes along with suggested process improvements. This led into a Marketing Strategy that identified a clear brand image and marketing channels, along with recommendations on which channels could be utilised to reach different customer segments. The Marketing Strategy also identified key partners to increase/open different market segments.

From the various work undertaken, Brand Guidelines were produced. The Brand Guidelines laid out brand elements such as fonts, colours, logo, templates, etc to be used for every LaManna marketing communication.

The result

The Business Analysis and Marketing Strategy provided LaManna with a series of recommendations to streamline and improve the business offerings, including suggestions on marketing LaManna as one business.

With the current supermarket landscape dominated by 2 main players (Woolworths and Coles) and with technology and ecommerce further increasing the competitiveness in the food sector, it is vital that LaManna can differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market. With the Business Analysis and Marketing Strategy, Crackling Media was able to recommend a series of practical opportunities for LaManna to streamline and improve their business offerings. Suggestions were also offered on marketing LaManna as one cohesive business, using their identified strengths as a focus.

The Brand Guidelines ensured that any LaManna marketing was consistent and cohesive. To ensure that they would be rolled out successfully, Crackling Media held a Marketing Training Workshop to train senior staff on the updated LaManna brand identity.

The business analysis, marketing strategy, and brand identity have helped LaManna remain competitive and service their target market sectors appropriately, as well as ensure that any marketing for the brand is consistent.