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Digital Strategy Development

  • Business Analysis and Recommendations

  • Customer Research and Insights

  • Business Planning

  • Action Plan

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Project Management

  • Training and Workshops

Digital Marketing Solutions

  • E-commerce

  • Brand Management

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing and Automation

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Management (SEM)

  • Lead Generation and Database Management

  • Public Relations and Influencer Management

  • Analytics, Measurement and Reporting

Digital Advertising

  • Advertising Campaigns

  • Concept Development

  • Digital Content

  • Digital Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Linkedin)

  • Remarketing and Retargeting

  • Analytics, Measurement and Reporting

Digital Communications and Platforms

  • Strategy Development

  • Digital Channel Assessment and Implementation

  • Email Direct Marketing (EDM)

  • Website Design, UX Design and Implementation

  • E-commerce Platforms and Tools

  • Analytics, Measurement and Reporting

Digital Media

  • Digital Media Planning & Development

  • Content Ideation and Creation

  • Branding Design, Logo and Collaterals

  • Communications/Marketing Material Creation

  • Graphic Design

  • Visual Development (Image, Photo, Video)

Digital Systems Solutions

  • Digital Process Review

  • Digital Platform/Tools Assessment and Implementation

  • User Experience Improvements (Operational, Consumer)

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