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How to Inject Personality to Your Business Instagram Account

How to Inject Personality to Your Business Instagram Account

For businesses these days, having no social media presence comes at a cost. Not only do you miss out on opportunities to communicate important news and promotions…

admin January 1, 2019
Why You Should Have a Blog on Your Business Website

Why You Should Have a Blog on Your Business Website

Blogs. Aren’t they just for pimply-faced teenagers wanting to diarise their lives or for people who like to document their holidays, art projects or meals? Sure,…

admin December 1, 2018
Three Benefits of Using Facebook for Business

Three Benefits of Using Facebook for Business

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family but did you know that it can also be a low-cost marketing tool for your business? When used effectively,…

admin November 1, 2018

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Thanh is an inspiring thought-leader, presenter and influencer in the digital space. Professional, knowledgeable, reliable and approachable; we would recommend Thanh Do to any regional or metropolitan Council or organisation looking to deliver digital media training, mentoring, hands-on sessions or digital marketing consultation and work.

— E. Crameri

Economic & Community Development Manager of Swan Hill Rural City Council

I feel confident that we are getting an excellent return on the money spent. No energy is required from me and almost no involvement. I know that the content being put up is more effective that what I could think of. I know that when I finish work, exhausted, the rest of the evening is completely mine to do as I please.

— M. Salem

Owner of Maddox Cafe

Crackling Media was an integral part of the online promotion of our newest cafe as we went through the process of opening our doors earlier this year. We were happy with their services and would recommend Crackling Media as an affordable and accessible means for other small businesses to consolidate and streamline their online presence in the ever evolving world of social media.

— P. Vernuccio

Owner of George Jones Eatery

Crackling Media helped Supercharger establish a strong customer base by using social media and media coverage to alert customers to the options of healthy and delicious vegan food and turn them to advocates. I believe their work helped increase the business revenue as our customer base grew. I couldn’t be happier with the result Crackling Media achieved in such a short time. I believe that without it, Supercharger wouldn’t have had the traction we gained so quickly as a result of their work.

— P. Mathis

Owner of Supercharger Wholefood

When it comes to competing in the saturated retail space, a significant online presence and presentation is key – and Crackling Media has helped us achieve both objectives by developing a website that was attractive with beautiful imagery, easy to navigate and functional by optimising the structure and speed, and responsive on all digital platforms and devices.

— Anesley Clarke

Owner of B2C Furniture

In addition to managing and growing The Black Toro and Sezar’s social media presence, Crackling Media has also helped our restaurants obtain significant press coverage thanks to their excellent public relations skills and vital media contacts. The Crackling Media team is always willing to go above and beyond, offering invaluable advice along the way. Crackling Media also played an integral role in promoting our newest restaurant, Shukah.

— Garen Maskal

Owner of Kalian Group