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Mrs Tran's Kitchen

Mrs Trans' Kitchen produces and distributes authentic Asian food products in Australia, with a focus on natural ingredients and allergen-friendly options for both retail and wholesale markets.

Their passion is to provide solutions for customers seeking quick and healthy meal ideas. They cater to consumers who value convenience without compromising on quality.

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The Challenge

Mrs Trans' Kitchen is a leading manufacturer and distributor of authentic Asian food products for the Australian market. With a commitment to using 100% natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and artificial colors, Mrs Trans' Kitchen is dedicated to providing healthy and allergen-friendly options for their customers.

The company operates in both the retail and wholesale markets, but faces the challenge of expanding their presence Australia-wide in the retail sector and increasing their wholesale clientele (in various sectors, including Mail Delivery Service, Quick Service Restaurant, Food Service, Petrole and Convenience, and Export). Mrs Tran's Kitchen's challenge is to establish itself as a household Asian pantry brand known for authenticity, healthfulness, and allergen-friendly products in Australia.

Prior to working with Crackling Media, Mrs Tran's Kitchen's marketing was limited to word of mouth as their primary focus had been on product development. Mrs Trans' Kitchen's marketing approach had not yet included the use of social media, lead generation, newsletter, or advertising campaigns. Additionally, their website is product-focused and lacking interactive tools, making it difficult to engage with customers.

The challenge for Crackling Media was to develop a comprehensive marketing plan focused on both B2B and B2C lead generation, so that Mrs Tran's Kitchen could effectively distinguish itself from its competitors and increase brand awareness and sales growth.

What We Did

Mrs Tran's Kitchen partnered with Crackling Media to enhance their marketing strategy and achieve greater brand awareness and sales growth. The marketing plan implemented a range of tactics and initiatives to reach new audiences and create an engaging, customer-centric experience for customers and potential customers.

The website was thoroughly reviewed, and user-centric modifications were made to enhance the overall user experience. The website's interface was improved, making it more intuitive and responsive to customer needs. This included creating specific contact forms and integrating them with the company's CRM software to optimise the process of replying to customer inquiries and increase the success rate on new business leads. Additionally, new product categories, such as gluten-free and FODMAP-friendly products, were added to the website to showcase specific products. The changes made to the website provided a more streamlined experience for users and created an easy-to-use interface for customers to engage with the brand.

The strategy also included an SEO approach designed to identify strategic keywords and take relevant actions to promote them across all media. The aim was to improve the brand's search engine ranking and generate new leads for the business. A thorough assessment of keyword positions against competitors was conducted to win more leads over others.

Crackling Media also managed the brand's social media channels and newsletters, creating content-rich posts and articles to increase the brand's following and engagement levels. Advertising and promotional campaigns such as social media and Google ads were executed to expand brand awareness and reach new audiences. Additionally, influencer campaigns were also conducted to reach new audiences and position the brand as a premium consumer product, providing users with the necessary information to take action and create emotions around the product.

Other tactics implemented included the creation of various digital assets such as catalogues, photos, videos, and outreach documents, which were distributed across all digital channels. Finally, product collaterals and packaging were designed to promote the various marketing actions deployed both online and offline.

The Results

These following results are indicative of the success of the marketing efforts deployed by Crackling Media in partnership with Mrs Tran's Kitchen across various areas, including social media, website traffic, and customer engagement.

- Social Media: there has been a 63% increase in Instagram followers and a 634% increase in Facebook followers.

- Website traffic: sessions have increased by 41%.

- Website enquiries: there have been over 150 wholesale enquiries and more than 200 customer enquiries submitted via the website.

- Customer database: more than 1,200 active newsletter subscribers were collected and addressed a monthly newsletter.

- Advertising: Social Media ads have resulted in more than 30,000 clicks and more than 2,500 new social media followers. Google ads have resulted in more than 16,000 clicks to the website.

- SEO: 18 strategic keywords are now in the Google Top 10, compared to less than 5 at the beginning of the previous year. Additionally, 36 keywords have increased their position by 5 or more ranks in the last 3 months.

The increase in website traffic has resulted in more enquiries, while the growth in social media followers has allowed for increased brand awareness and engagement. The improvement in SEO has also resulted in better visibility on search engines, leading to more clicks and enquiries. The increase in customer database subscribers also indicates improved interest and interactions between the brand and its customers.

Increase in Facebook followers
Increase in newsletter subscribers
Clicks to website from Google ads

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