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Yarra Valley Cherries

Yarra Valley Cherries is a premium cherry grower in Victoria, producing the freshest and highest quality cherries in Australia. The company's unique approach involves growing, picking, grading, and packing on the same orchard, ensuring same-day market access.

Yarra Valley Cherries sells through select retailers and their farm gate during cherry season. They cater to customers seeking high-quality cherries, including corporate clients and large-scale buyers requiring bulk orders for gifting or use in their own businesses.

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The Challenge

Yarra Valley Cherries faces a challenge in increasing their retail and corporate market sales and recognised the need for a website and marketing overhaul.

The current website lacked smooth functionality and did not offer ecommerce capabilities. The ordering process was manual, creating inconvenience for customers who had to fill out an order form and pay through direct debit. Furthermore, customers had to manually calculate the delivery and product costs before submitting payment.

Given that cherry season only lasts for a few months during the summer, Yarra Valley Cherries also sought to strengthen their branding and digital marketing efforts to attract new customers and boost their sales.

What We Did

Crackling Media is responsible for overseeing all digital marketing aspects of Yarra Valley Cherries, such as social media marketing, lead generation, content development, advertising, and ecommerce setup and maintenance.

For Yarra Valley Cherries, managing the website is paramount to driving ecommerce sales and product marketing. As a result, the company's website underwent a redesign that focused on showcasing the brand's unique lifestyle and offerings, ultimately enticing customers to purchase premium cherries. In addition to this, ecommerce capabilities were added to the website to simplify the order process, thus improving the overall customer experience and driving more sales.

To further support ecommerce efforts, Crackling Media implemented a targeted approach to SEO and advertising. This included a mix of outreach, content creation, and clearly defined advertising campaigns that were tailored to different market segments, all of which helped to drive more sales for Yarra Valley Cherries.

Lastly, a season launch event is organised each year to showcase the orchard, products and versatility of the product. Numerous uses of the cherries are showcased and information about the advantages of the business are highlighted to the media and influencers.

The Results

As a result of Crackling Media's successful digital marketing strategy and execution, Yarra Valley Cherries' website now ranks on the first page of Google searches for numerous relevant terms. This has not only increased online sales, but has also driven more customers to visit the farm gate. By leveraging great imagery, information-rich text, and a clearly branded design, Crackling Media's efforts allowed Yarra Valley Cherries to stand out in a crowded market and generate unprecedented sales, resulting in the business selling out of stock for the 2019/2020 season.

In addition to increased online sales, Yarra Valley Cherries saw significant growth in their social media following, with Instagram seeing a 189% increase and Facebook a 267% increase. Overall website sessions increased by 63.8%, indicating that more customers were actively engaging with the website.

One notable success was the season launch event that was attended by media and influencers. The events received great coverage and effectively highlighted the key selling points of the business offerings and brand.

Increase in Instagram followers
Growth in Facebook followers
Growth in website sessions

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