How to Define Your Business Strategy: Step One

It goes without saying that a solid social media strategy will ensure that a business remains competitive in today’s modern and volatile market. It is also essential, however, for businesses to have a robust marketing strategy that will underpin all activities, including those related to social media.

Far too often, many business owners will have some idea as to what their goals are but they don’t know exactly how to get there. They don’t set a timeframe (even a loose one) in which they need to achieve certain goals by. They don’t draw up a budget. They don’t set up contingency plans in case something goes wrong (and 99% of the time, things will not go to plan!). In some cases, business owners are aware that they need to engage in some form of social media marketing to engage with and attract clientele, which is great – but all too often, they employ social media marketing without having an underlying business strategy in which to base the social media marketing strategy on. This is a no no because you run the risk of having a directionless Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed full of cute cat photos that just screams out ‘I have no idea what I’m doing.’

Before you employ a social media strategy, ask yourself this very important question:

Do you have a business objective?

If not, you need to define one. Is it to increase sales by X% in the space of 12 months? Or is it to decrease negative sentiment of a particular product you sell within 6 months? Either way, define it and then ask how you can achieve those objectives? At this stage, you can then start crafting a focused social media strategy through carefully curated posts that will work towards achieving those goals. It will also show potential customers that you’re not just sitting there with no direction and no clue.

At Crackling Media, we are experts in creating and executing effective social media marketing strategies. We can help you define or reshape your business objective, too. Just shoot us a message for a free no obligation consultation to find out how!