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City Larder

City Larder are specialists in restaurant quality traditional French-style, Melbourne made charcuterie. Known for their delicious terrines pâtés, rillettes and accompaniments, they supply some of Australia’s best restaurants, eateries and grocers. This case study describes how City Larder partnered with Crackling Media to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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The Challenge

City Larder is a premium charcuterie company based in Melbourne, Australia. They have a wide range of products, including charcuterie, antipasti, pâtés, terrines, and condiments. Despite their high-quality products, City Larder was struggling to raise brand awareness and connect with potential customers.

In order to address this issue, they partnered with Crackling Media to develop a comprehensive social media strategy.

What We Did

The first step in the process was to develop a digital marketing plan that focused on raising brand awareness and showcasing the brand's usage and advantages. The team at Crackling Media worked closely with City Larder to understand their brand values, target audience, and marketing objectives. They then created a custom digital media strategy that included:

- content creation

- community engagement

- influencer partnerships

- paid social media advertising

The content creation process involved developing visually stunning and informative social media posts that showcased City Larder's products in the best possible light. The posts were designed to not only promote the products but also educate customers on how to use them in various recipes and settings. The team at Crackling Media also worked with City Larder to develop and execute a robust influencer marketing campaign that helped to raise brand awareness and drive sales.

In addition to promoting City Larder's products, the team at Crackling Media also worked to support distributors and stockists. They helped to create promotional materials and content that could be shared with these partners to help them promote City Larder's products in their own stores and channels.

The Results

The results of the partnership were impressive. City Larder was able to increase their brand awareness, drive sales, and engage with a wider audience than ever before. Through the use of social media and influencer marketing, they were able to showcase the quality and versatility of their products, and build a loyal community of customers and fans.

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