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That's Amore Cheese

That’s Amore Cheese are an award-winning Italian style cheese producer who use traditional methods and the finest Australian ingredients to produce a range of fresh and speciality cheeses. In addition to cheese production, they have a Cheesery store, provide catering, and hold food experiences such as events and cheese making classes.

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The Challenge

In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses looking to reach and engage with customers. This was the challenge faced by That's Amore Cheese, an award-winning cheese producer, who wanted to expand their online shop and promote their full range of food experiences. To tackle this challenge, they enlisted the help of Crackling media to revamp their website and improve their online presence.

Despite having enormous growth potential, That's Amore Cheese customers were struggling to navigate through the outdated, cumbersome website design and unappealing layout. To address this, the company needed a complete website redesign with enhanced ecommerce features to highlight their products in an engaging and informative way. Additionally, they aimed to streamline their event and function booking processes through a dedicated portal. Finally, the company needed an easy-to-use platform to promote their wholesale and export channels and facilitate seamless communication with potential partners.

What We Did

That's Amore Cheese and Crackling media worked together to create a website that not only showcased their products and services but also provided an enhanced user experience for their customers. The redesign involved:

• The addition of ecommerce capabilities so customers could order directly through the website

• The addition of a portal for event bookings so this could also occur directly through the website

• Showcasing the wholesale and export capabilities for potential customers

• Incorporating the history and story of That’s Amore Cheese throughout the site

• Improving the section and explanation about the Cheesery, with more in-depth sections about the Deli and Café

• Updated product photos to showcase the cheese products in an attractive and clean manner

• A design that was visually interesting, fresh, modern, and in keeping with the That’s Amore Cheese brand

The Results

That's Amore Cheese's website underwent a significant transformation, becoming more user-friendly, visually appealing, and functionally advanced. The integration of ecommerce features led to a surge in online orders and wholesale inquiries. Furthermore, the improved SEO resulted in greater visibility for the business, with the website ranking on the first and second pages of Google searches for relevant keywords, thereby making it more accessible to potential customers.

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