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Grand Italian

Grand Italian is an Australian brand renowned for producing fresh pasta, gnocchi, and pasta sauces sold in major supermarkets. Using traditional Italian recipes and techniques, they have established a reputation for quality and authenticity.

Grand Italian appeals to families, young professionals, and food enthusiasts who value authentic Italian cuisine and seek fresh, high-quality, and easy-to-prepare products.

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The Challenge

Grand Italian needed to create brand awareness for their new product range ‘Grand Italian Tuscan Finest’ and communicate the key features and benefits that make it superior to other pasta brands. This was particularly important for targeting consumers who already purchase luxury/premium brands.

The existing website and digital assets for the product range were uninspiring and didn't showcase the products' high-quality ingredients and restaurant-quality meals that can be prepared at home in minutes.

Grand Italian's social media channels were inconsistent and messy, with unattractive feeds and old content that wasn't aligned with the brand.

Overall, Grand Italian faced the challenge of promoting a new premium product range to a specific target market and  strengthening their marketing channels to enhance customer engagement and drive conversions. By developing a comprehensive marketing strategy that addressed these challenges, Grand Italian could successfully position their Tuscan Finest range as a high-quality product and increase sales.

What We Did

Crackling Media helped Grand Italian in the following ways:

The company's social media and listing sites were cleaned up by updating bios, removing old content not aligned with the brand, and implementing call-to-actions. Social media posts were also developed that conveyed the value propositions of the products and addressed any feedback/questions promptly to encourage user actions.

The website was restructured to offer a clear presentation of information, a better user experience and to create a more visually appealing channel that captured the value propositions of the brand and products. SEO measures were also implemented to improve the search likelihood from potential customers.

Ads for social media and Google were developed that directed users to the website, local stockists, and social media accounts. Competitions on Facebook and Instagram were organised to create awareness of the brand and products, obtain social media follows and website visits, and improve SEO with keyword presence. A collaboration with a dietician was also organised to showcase the pasta range, and a video created by the dietician was shared across her social media channels and used on Grand Italian’s website.

Influencer outreach was conducted to create brand awareness, showcase product advantages, obtain content pieces, and drive user action. Multiple community groups were also contacted, using competitions as an angle to drive brand awareness and actions.

Crackling Media created various digital assets for Grand Italian to support their marketing efforts: a photoshoot was executed to capture the product range at its best and align with the customer value propositions. These photos were used to update the Grand Italian website and were used as content across all marketing channels. Additionally, recipes were developed using the Grand Italian Tuscan’s Finest products and were promoted on the website, printable recipe cards, and social media channels. Lastly, outreach documents were created by Crackling Media to reach different stakeholders.

The Results

The marketing activities developed by Crackling Media for Grand Italian had a significant impact on the company's results.

On social media, the brand's Instagram followers increased by 263% and Facebook followers increased by 128% (1). The website also saw a substantial increase in traffic, with a total sessions increase of 436% and organic search sessions increase of 394% (2). The advertising campaigns were also successful, with over 20,000 clicks on social media ads and over 5,000 clicks on Google ads directing users to the website (3).

These positive results indicate that Crackling Media was able to successfully improve brand awareness, reach a new target audience, and engage with customers to drive traffic and conversions.

Growth in Instagram followers
Increase in total website sessions
Clicks on social media ads

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